Let’s get real about being a working Mother.

I have heard time and time again being a working mother is HARD! Why would anyone do it then? Well, it can be many reasons, we have to, we want to, or many we are just plain crazy! Really it’s difficult to find the balance, to have to call off because baby is sick, to have to choose between quality time with your child or get caught up on housework after you get home from a long day. We all have our struggles and difficult choices we make everyday. One thing I believe most of us choose what is best for our families. We sacrifice so many things so our families can thrive. Some days we just want everyone to leave us alone and have a healthy cry, and that’s okay! The real deal is that we cannot forget to focus on self care for at least 30 mins a week. This is what we have to do for us and our families. Mom guilt is real and a normal emotion to feel, but ladies it’s time to let it go. 30 mins a week is not much at all but it can make a difference. You can go for a walk, eat a pint of ice cream, or just sit on your phone scrolling with no interruptions. Anything that you can work in during the week will help. Love yourself and be an example of what you want your babies to grow up to be, the rest will take care of its self. Thank you for all that you do and being the best Mom too!

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