Tips for Breastfeeding and Working Mamas

  • I am a full time working mom and I have choose to keep breastfeeding my baby girl. The goal is a year, honestly sometimes it’s hard and frustrating. Sometimes it seems like it would just be easier to buy formula. In ways it would be, but my husband and I are on a tight budget and formula is EXPENSIVE!!! I have accumulated some tips and tricks in my journey that I would love to share with y’all!
  • Pumping in the car
  • This is my secret weapon with keeping my supply up and making the most out of my time. We’re all busy and many people have a drive to work that’s over 20 minutes. First of all you need an adapter for your pump that plugs into the car. My pump also was able to use batteries but the batteries only lasted about 3 pumps and I started to notice a loss of suction due to the batteries dying. You will also need a hands free pump bra! I made one out of an old sports bra by cutting holes in the center of the cups. Leave extra time when leaving to set everything up it take about 5 mins or less. This is really all you need, some people might want a cover for comfort.
  • Pumping at work
  • Pumping at work is not a huge deal by law your employer has to provide a space but I’ve heard different rules for breaks. I would refer to your HR department for specifics on this.
  • Keeping supply up
  • I’ve heard so many different methods and products to help milk supply. Personally I think coconut milk helps. I believe over all the products water and nursing as much as possible are the keys for keeping supply up.
  • Staying positive
  • Sometimes staying positive is the hardest part between cleaning bottles, dealing with work stress, and trying to spend enough time with your family, breastfeeding seems like a daunting task. I personally wanted to quit so many times, but I remembered how good breast milk is for my baby. I wanted to keep the connection between her and I. My love for my daughter overrode my tiredness of pumping. Remember your doing the best you can and your an awesome mom!!!
  • Nicole Grimm
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